BLAQ ICO presale

Due to the interest of investment funds, BLAQ team decided to suspend a public fund raising campaign.

Information about the further project development will be published after the first round of negotiations. If you have any questions, please mail to:

BLAQ is a new stage in the chauffeur service development. During the initial coin offering you become a member of a company that already successfully operates on the Moscow market. In addition to the classical model of the project participation, the BLAQ token can become the basis of your own business. At the same time, you do not have to invest money in the functionality of application, drivers or fleet: it’s enough to attract customers to the service and make profit from each of their trips.

Further development of project remains at the discretion of the investor: after the return of investments, a token with attached users can be sold at any time, or you could continue increase the number of customers and pump the token. The main advantage of this model is that tokens are tied to real business, but the investor does not bear the costs for its maintenance. You can check the transparency of the tokenimics in White Paper. In order not to miss the beginning of the Presale leave the e-mail – we will send a notification as soon as we start the tokens sale.


for notification of the start of the tokens sale


BLAQ is a premium-level chauffeur service designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. We help our clients to travel by either offering help of professional personal drivers, or providing concierges, who assist by scheduling the destinations and plans, all to make the passenger’s day as productive and convenient as possible.

Part of our team is specialized on providing service to Moscow guests, members of governmental events and cultural/social events. We meet and accompany more guests of Moscow hotels than any other driving service – up to November, 2017 we served more than 350,000 trips.

We consider ICO as a way not to rally against institutional investors who lock themselves in one chamber with internal politics and standardized procedures, but instead as an opportunity to attract like-minded people who share our values. ICO would not only speed up the process of attracting investment and allow us to start actually implementing our strategy, but it would also open the door into our business for anyone interested, and it would let you start your own business based on our platform, without having to make any excessive capital investments on your own.

The maintenance of high quality of transportation is realized by BLAQ specialists: contractual relations with drivers, service control, dispatching, development and support of the system architecture. Token holders does not spend time or effort on organizing internal processes.

The service worked so that you can become a client only via mobile application. New application users can become clients themselves or by referral link. The referral link is formed and distributed by the token holders: only the owner of the BLQ token can use the smart contract to create it. The link gives a discount to the client and part of the profits to the investor who invited it from each client trip in the future.

Each and every ride is archived within the blockchain network (all of the provided information remain anonymized: time, distance, passengers’ data). To guarantee safety of communication, including communication channels and data storage, we created our own communication system, which is currently undergoing testing. The system was created exclusively for the chauffeur and concierge services.

How it works

We provide for investors two models of participation in the project.

The first model implies that the investor purchases one or more BLQ tokens, places a unique link to each of them and attracts customers to the service in any convenient way, for example through advertising in hotels or blogs of celebrities For each trip of the attracted user, the token holder receives a percentage of the cost of the completed trip.

The investor also may not attract customers: random users who downloaded the application without a referral link will be attached to his token every month.

Model of investors participate in BLAQ

The second model is the classical participation in the project, implying the right to receive part of the BLAQ's generated profit. We will produce the same volume of tokens at the same price, but in this case the tokens will be divisible – that will allow any arbitrary amount to be invested.

Since this option is an equity participation in the company, the attraction of additional customers does not affect the amount of part of the profits.


Jun, 2014 — May, 2017
Establishing a B2B business in Moscow
May — Dec, 2017
Developing a B2C model of chauffeur service
Middle Dec, 2017
End of Jan, 2018
Feb — Apr 2018
Preparations for expanding; launching new services for the already existant B2C base
Apr — Jun 2018
Saint Petersburg market research; preparing for launch
Jun — Dec 2018
Launch in Novosibirsk, Sochi, Baku, Astana, Almaty


Anton Dolgushin

Founder and СЕО

12 years of selling and business development on the B2B and B2C markets in the spheres of transport and client service: TYS CardTech, ICAR, Novoye Zheltoye Taksi, Vazhnaya Persona, Evraziya Taksi, Dzhaz Taksi, LAM-Auto

An entrepreneur with an experience of successfully launching 5 startups

VP Business Development at SODEXO – BD and management over offices across 16 regions

Elena Goryunova


14 years of job experience on lead positions of transport companies’ operating departments: Evraziya Taksi, ConteDeCierges, Taksomororniy Park No. 12

Practical experience of organizing client service, service maintenance and leading the work of VIP client escort service: ConteDeCierges, Evraziya Taxi

Maksim Lubanets

СТО and VP R&D

10​ years of software development on all stages: formalizing requirements, testing, work with users, and development itself

Partook in the development of complex business process automatization systems, payment systems, indoor navigation systems

Developer at Check-n-Pay and Smartpointer

5 years worth of experience working on the "Globus Professional" project

Evgeniy Sypachev

Software Developer

A cryptocurrency enthusiast

Has been developing corporate systems of varying complexity for 13 years

Leads the blockchain development department at Stealth eCommerce company

and 41 more members

Advisory board

Georgy Oleshchuk

F&B director at Sheraton Palace Hotel Moscow

From 2012 to 2016 worked on lead positions at Restaurant service department of Lotte Hotel Moscow, Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi, Marriott Novy Arbat and Hotel Intercontinental Moscow Tverskaya

Vladislav Minko

Corporate and Special Sales Manager at BMW Group Russian Federation since 2011

Andrey Korystov

Начальник службы консьержей гостиницы «Метрополь», Москва

Президент РОО «Золотые Ключи Консьержей»

Chief Concierge, Hotel Metropol Moscow

President of “Les Clefs d’Or”, Russia

Aziz Muminov

CEO at Credit Suisse AG Switzerland since 2015

Professional investor


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